Becoming something new

Dating a women with kids is a whole new ball game. You must be prepared in all aspects of life. You know mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Most of all you need love compassion and an open heart to forgive and forget.

Now when I first fell in love with my wife I was well aware of her boys. In fact so much she let it be known as soon as she realized I was the one. I want to say about the third date in. Maybe?? Well any way It was almost like it was a gift the way she told me.

Thinking back on that day it wasn’t like any normal day. I woke up with good spirits and was very energetic. I was off that day. Normally on my day off I’m lazy but this day I wanted to beat the sun up. So I decided to ask my wife( then associate) if we could hang out.

That’s when she decided to give me the news that changed my life. At that moment I had to make a decision on if I wanted to stay and continue to get to know a women with two kids. Or leave and miss out on the best people In the world.

The commitment

The Song “YES” by Shekinah Glory Ministry is a song about submitting to the voice and will of God. Its also about committing to the will of god while having contact through worship. The groups lead singer poses the question “will your heart and soul say yes?”. As I sat and pondered on those lyrics and reflect on my life I asked myself that very same question. will my heart and soul say yes to God? As I reflected I came to the conclusion I was down like four flats on a cadillac. TIGHT RIGHT!!!!!!

Now we fast forward to me and my(now current) wife and we are going through turmoil and just hardship in our relationship. I mean it had got so bad that we even stopped speaking to each other for a while. I had to sit back and reflect on our relationship and think has my heart and soul said yes to my wife or have I just given up? I also had to ask my self if it was worth it. well as you know it was so worth it I put a ring on it. I think it was mostly her boys and how I liked how we worked as a family. I guess you can say I liked my free trail and decided to subscribe for the full thing for the rest of my life.

The Beginning

It is April 9,2018 and here we are chillin in front of house. we’ve been talking for about a good 3months now and I can say shorty got some game on her for sure. fast forward a year later and we decided to go ahead and get into a relationship. At first I was a little skeptical because we had different views on our future. her view was she already had two kids and was looking for someone to be a husband and a gapped role model for her boys. my view was I’m tryna get laid and I aint tryna have no kids. ironic aint it.

Here we are almost two years in and we decided to get married. Now I’m very spontaneous which has its benefits to a person who’s not all that romantic. I had made up my mind months prior to our engagement that I was gonna get married on our anniversary date. well that almost changed and ended fast. we had the break-up of all break-ups. it was worse than Tom Brady leaving the patriots.( go pats!!!!). it was worse than the season finale of GOT.

I actually thought it was over for us and when I mean us I’m talking about me and her boys. I love them guys we spent a lot of time together and learning each other. I didn’t know what to do. part of me wanted to be stubborn and blame their mom and the other part wanted me to give up and apologize. now I must say her telling me she was wrong too after I fought to get her back was a shocker to me but I’m glad we were able to work things out.


Hello everyone its new dad here sending everyone a warm welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I hope that my blog can be used to help other fathers, parents and people through my life experiences as a new step-dad and husband. I also encourage everyone to leave feedback and eventually I hope to be able to open up discussions to encourage and inform everyone including me. This blog is not by a professional (just yet) but by a young man who don’t like to express my feelings or certain thoughts verbally. I will do my best to fix some of the grammar but not all the grammar; because I want this to be as real, as raw, and as authentic as we can get w/o getting too out of hand(whatever that means). ~Well I hope you enjoy~

New dad


Born December 11,1993 in Kansas City,MO I grew up in a pretty nice household. I was blessed enough to grow up not only knowing my parents but also living in the same house hold as them. I’m the oldest of four. 3 girls and one boy smh. lol I guess the grown ups didn’t have much luck in the baby boy department; but I’m so glad I got to grow up with some of the most well educated and beautiful black women on this planet. I grew up in kcmo graduating high school from University Academy.

Later made some irresponsible yet fun life choices that led me to a culinary certificate from Franklin tech. down in Joplin, Mo and eventually back in Kansas City where I was to meet my yang to my ying. I say that because we are opposites that balance each other out.(yes I know its “ying to my yang”) we recently just got married April 23rd and she is a site and a bundle of joy to be around. she had already blessed this relationship with two young boys whom I can’t wait to watch grow up to be young men.

I created this blog because I wanted to share my experience as a new step-father and husband. also I didn’t wanna write it in a book because why write when you can type. Also I’ve already started me a podcast called Whats Happenin’ on all streaming services podcast can be found. my podcast is similar to this blog. the only difference is that I will be focusing my writings on my life as a father figure and stepdad.

I hope I could find other dads and step-dads with similar experience and maybe even other moms and step-moms who could relate to what I write. I hope to shed light on blended families and to create an open dialogue on this blog as well. I will be quoting all kinds of people and scriptures. I am not writing this blog to offend anyone nor am I giving parental advice. I am simply opening up my diary for all to see.

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